CCTV Surveys

Providing Drainage Clarity

Our CCTV Technology can survey drains, sewers and pipelines in detail. A survey can alert you to potential problems and structural defects such as, cracks, fractures, collapses and tree root ingress and blockages.


Rainbow Drains surveys are suitable for any type of property, commercial or industrial, roads, utilities and more. The surveys can help to alleviate a drainage disaster in the future.


CCTV technology can survey pipework from 50mm upwards and when access is restricted, Diamond Drainage can provide portable systems to meet your survey requirements.

Industry Compliance

Our CCTV Surveyors are experienced and trained to the Water Industry Standards and will provide information that is both reliable and consistent.


Rainbow Drains Team are experienced in surveying on Housing Estate, Airports, Construction Sites, Industrial Estates, Retail Parks.


Our surveyors will provide a full detailed report showing the condition of the drains and pipe and provide you with a plan of action, including costs and methods to resolve any problems found.

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